The Department of Prospective and Planning DPP (Departamento de Prospectiva e Planeamento), is a Directorate General with the mission of studying, designing and proposing the development strategy.


To implement and participate in prospective studies in the political, social and economic areas at an international level, namely on studies at EU level;

To analyse the world economic and social evolution, namely in the more relevant geographical areas and sectors for Portugal;

To analyse and follow the economic and social evolution in Portugal, in a close dialogue with other public Agencies and with the private sector;

To prepare scenarios and possible trajectories for the evolution of the Portuguese economy and society and to propose the main lines for a development strategy that includes and conjugates the different sectoral and spatial policies, especially with regard to the preparation of the Governmental Great Choices Program (Grandes Opções do Plano - GOP);

To prepare the main lines of the framework of the plans for economic development and the Central Government Investment and Expenditure Program (Programa de Investimentos e Despesas de Desenvolvimento da Administração Central - PIDDAC) and to evaluate the macro-economic impact of major investment projects.

According to the governmental rules the development of the works carried on yearly are published in the Program of Activities